Monday, July 26, 2010

Walls cornices doors and lock up!!

Since my last blog lots has happened!! :) We have walls in every room. Ceiling are up and cornices are in!! :) Today I went by and we had all doors hung and door surroundings in! We love the doors and are so happy with the way everything is coming together! We also have the shower surroundings put in with I am guess the shower to come soon!! As I said we love the doors and are so happy that we upgraded the all the doors. :) Only down side is that we are now locked out and can't get it!! So some photos are from the outside! :)


Home theatre

Dining / lounge

Electrical box


  1. Looking good guys. You'll be all moved in before you know it!

  2. Thanks guys we are very happy with it!! :) Anna I have noticed the site scrap loo and the other day I saw the guy putting up the wisdom sign, you will be at my stage before you know it!! I'll be able to wave at you when you visit!!

    Amanda your house is coming along really well I am sure you are really happy! Lovely bricks and roof, such exciting times!!


  3. Wow great progress Mel & Tom!! you are definately way ahead of us now lol :) doors look great & am loving your front door!