Sunday, May 23, 2010

We've been framed!! :)

Hi Everyone,

Friday was a busy day at 'the block'. We had the last of our gold/ dirt removed from the neighbours land and after paying for it, we never want to speak of it again! :)

We did also received a bill for 'pump for piers' which we had no idea what that was for. Apparently only 1 in 5 houses need it and it depends if the concrete truck driver wants to get their wheels dirty! So another bill to pay, Oh well!

On a happier note, they managed to put up most of our frame on Friday! All but the garage and roof have been put up. Which is very exciting! The concerto is not on display anywhere so it was great to be in 'our house' and get a feel of the size and what it will look like. :) I have been there 3 times in 3 days! :) Can't wait for the rest of the frame to be added this week and then the bricks! Really looking forward to the bricks being added it will look more like a house! It's all very exciting.

I have a few photos to add but I will do it later. I am currently procrastinating from writing reports! :)

Cheers Mel xo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reo, Slab, Plumbers and a huge pile of gold... ( I mean dirt!)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in keeping this blog updated!

A few different things have happen since then.

1. The plumbers put in our plumbing drain/ hole things in all the wet areas. After that the reinforcement and waffle pods were laid. To quote Tom ' what the hell are waffle pods?’ Well waffle pods are big foam box looking things they put down before they lay the concrete. This is a cheaper option as they don't need to use as much concrete. Apparently you need to be careful if you jack your car up in the garage as the concrete might crack! Oh well! We didn't have an option waffle pods are standard these days and I guess they have been working for many others!

2. After they laid the reinforcement and waffle pods they then poured the slab. Hooray for a slab, it now looks more like a house then a patch of dirt! :) It's a nice looking slab! (Ok slightly bias!)

3. Yesterday the plumbers came and did something! They laid pipes around the outside of the house. I guess they are storm water pipes?? I don't know! All I know is that it is part of the process and that it is a step ticked off!

4. Our pile of gold! ( I mean dirt) ….. Most of the last week has been us ( mostly Tom as he does all the organising! - Yep crap wife) stressing. We received a phone call last week saying that we needed to pay to move the pile of dirt from our neighbours block. Fair enough they want to start on their block (same builder). I understand that would be frustrating for them. We however were naive and unaware that we had to pay for this to occur, as we thought it would be part of the $20000 we paid in site costs!! Apparently not!! We thought perhaps they have dug down further than they needed to as our block is flat and it is a huge pile of dirt! The building contract says we are responsible for paying for excess dirt. We were not sure what exactly sure what ‘excess’ meant. Anyway we think the contract is water tight and we probably don't have a leg to stand on. Next step is to cop it on the chin and work out how much it would cost to move 200 tonne of dirt! (Yes a lot!!) Allworth usually charge 20% on top of whatever it costs them however the guy Tom was dealing with was nice and was trying to make it as cheap as possible for us. :) He came back saying $6500!! OMG, we couldn't believe it would cost that much to move dirt!! GRR Imagine if they then added 20% to that! We had the option of getting someone else to move it or moving it ourselves. (Dirt moving party anyone? :P ) After many discussions, Tom spoke to his uncles brother who was trying to find some friends to help move it a bit cheaper. While waiting to hear back from him Tom rang some rubbish removal guy who said he would do it for $2500. A bit of a difference from $6500! Waiting to hear back from the uncle’s brother, hopefully we can start Thursday. Still not overly impressed that we didn't know we would be up for this cost but don't think we have a leg to stand on. We will pay the money and try and warn others not to fall into this trap!

That has been our week! Full of highs and lows, but as everyone has told us building isn't meant to be easy! :)

Below are a few photos I have taken over the past week and a bit.

Cheers Mel xo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Land, Plans, and External Colour Pictures

These pictures are of our land before exavation, after excavation and after the peirs went in. I have also added the house plan and a picture of the house that we modelled our external colours on. We have the same bricks, gutter colour, garage, colour driveway etc :)

Introduction & Excavation

Hi Everyone,

Tom and I are in the process of building a house which I am sure many of you already know! :) I am currently obsessed with it so I thought I would write a blog to share our journey.

We bought land in Kellyville Ridge 2155 back in August 09. We are first home buyers and were enticed by the governments $24,000. We had been looking at established homes for almost 12 months put apparently I was too picky! :) Buying land and building seemed like a good idea and it was cheaper.

It has taken what feels like forever to get to where to are now but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. :)

We are building the Concerto Alfresco Home Theatre, with Allworth Homes. Although a little slow they have been great. (They are building sooo many homes at the moment.) We have had many I mean many forms to sign, decisions to make and colours to choose. We have even decided things amicably!

We were originally told registration on the land was going to be November 09, however this didn't occur until the beginning of February. :( While waiting for this to happen our plans went to council. We then had to wait again for the water board to do something not sure what, then we waited to sign contracts and then we waited for the bank! One big waiting game! :)

After we had final approval from the bank we then had to wait for them to give Allworth our approval to commence construction. Once Allworth received this they said they would start building in 20 working days. :)

10 days into the 20 day time frame I did my usual drive bys. (apparently I went too often, as I didn’t need to look at a block of dirt every day!) I enjoyed seeing what was happening with the houses around us. Anyway that Friday (30th April) I drove into our street and voila! They had excavated our land and next door and a huge pile of our dirt on their land! (Sorry!) We had not been told when construction was starting so it was a huge surprise! I was sooo exciting! I told Tom one day I would drive down our street and they would of started, sure enough they had!

That was Friday. 6pm that night we got a phone call telling us that they excavated our land and that they were digging the piers on Monday and that we needed someone there Monday at 11am to measure them. Tom and I both couldn't leave work so lovely dad went and measured the holes with the 'guy'. (Thanks daddy! xo)

Monday afternoon mum, dad, Tom and I went to 'the block' and checked it out! They had put the concrete in the piers and the outline of the house was up. I know could visualise things better! It was looking like the formations of our house! :)

Today (Tuesday) they had put up a fence around the land and put the plumbing in. I believe the next step is to lay reinforcement mesh and to then lay the slab. :) (That’s when we start paying... damn you interest rates!)

It is very exciting! Lucky for my petrol tank that 'the block' is on my way home from work so I can see it everyday if I want to! :) We are both very thankful that it has finally started and are looking forward to watching it progress.

If you're still reading my spiel - Thanks! :) I will be updating the blog as things progress. (Every few days) I will add photos of what has happened so far and some of the things and colours we have chosen. :)

Thanks for reading!
Cheers Mel xo