Thursday, June 24, 2010

They have started Bricking!!

Woo hoo!! As the title suggests they have started bricking! Yay!! From what I had heard and read we expected to be waiting a lot longer!

They have pile of bricks around the house and have put two layers around the whole house! Very exciting, can't wait for it to be completed!!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More roof pics and..... We have bricks!!


Our bricks!!

More bricks!!

Bricks outside our bedroom window

Oops they fell out!

And more bricks!!

Our name on the roof beam.. Nice to know that when we ever leave this house we will still be a part of it!!

Sliding door

Outdoor tap purple one is recyled water

Bricks / side of house

Shower plumbing

Recyled water pipe / drain


Rood again

Side of house

Other side of house

Bay window



Front of house with a roof :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Frame photos

Here are a few frame window and roof photos xo

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Overdue Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. I have been very busy writing reports. They are now done. Yay!!

Ok house.... Last time I updated we had the start of a frame. Since then we have had the frame completed. The inside plumbing in the walls to the wet areas. Black pipes to the taps. We have also had our roof tiles put on. Well most of them. Only a few more to go!! It is really looking like a house now! Which is very exciting. :) The next step is bricks. We have heard that there is about a 4 week wait for bricks as there is a bricky shortage at the moment. That's very annoying but not much we can do about it. The downside to the first home buyers boom I guess.

We have had heaps I mean heaps of rain of late and I am taking advice of other house bloggers abd buying sone gun boots!! Getting sick of cleaning different pairs of shoes!!! It is super muddy at the block!

We think our next door neighbours are building the same house as us which is a bit annoying. They have a differny fascade/ front and I am pretty a different brick.( as we upgraded ours) oh well... Can't control that.... Atleast they have good taste!! :)

I plan on adding some photos of colours and doors tiles etc at some stage so stay tuned!! I promise frame / roof photos will be uploaded soon!!

Until next time ........ Take care

Mel xo

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