Monday, August 16, 2010

WOW Talk about progress!

Ok, I have been super slack and have not updated the blog in a long time! Sorry! :) So for all those harassing me here is an update for you. :)

In the last hmmmm weeks perhaps months since I have updated this, lots has happened! :)

1. All cornices, door frames, walls, skirtings, and window surrounds have been installed.
2. The kitchen has been installed
3. The kitchen has been tiled.
4. Both bathroom have been tiled and vanities/ vanitys ? installed. :)
5. The exterior of the house has been painted
6. The interior of the house has been painted.

See, lots has been done! :) I still drive by daily and have met a few neighbours :)

We have the electrics to be done, and the carpet and tiler are booked in for next Monday! :) It's all happening so fast! :) We work in school weeks and were originally told week 8 ( Tue) then it rained for 2 weeks so it has been pushed back until week 10 ( We have just started week 5). They seem to be flying through so who knows it may be earlier than expected! :)

Here are some photos, some from my phone some from my camera! :) Enjoy xo

Media Room Paint - Donkey

Kitchen Tiles




  1. Wow Mel & Tom!!! the house is looking fantastic!! I can't believe you are only 5 weeks away you lucky things! kitchen & bathrooms are looking great :)

  2. Looks great guys! Wow, 5 weeks, how exciting!
    PS I also love the donkey colour! Can't get over some of the names of paint colours these days though. Our feature wall is called murkey water lol.

  3. Thanks guys :) We are so excited! :)

    April things have really flown by since lock up which is crazy as people say it is normally slow! You will be in before you know it! When is your contract end date? Will we be having house warmings together?

    Hi Anna I loved the donkey colour from a display home we visited it's lovely! :) I know the names are crazy! Murkey water now that's a winner! :) I noticed they were putting your frame up this arvo how exciting! :)

  4. Glad to hear things are flying by!! I hope we do aswell!! We have another 10 weeks left on our contract so you will be in well before us.

    So exciting you can start a count down now!!