Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brick work

Over the past week the brickies have been hard at work. The bricks look great and we are so happy we decided to upgrade them! Love them!! :)

They have completed most of the house. They just have the garage and front to finish and then it's all bricked up!!

We are going away in the holidays so I will miss my daily visits I'll have to ask a friendly neighbour reading this to keep me informed of any developments!! :)

Here are a few photos of the bricks. Cheers Mel xo

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  1. Hooley Dooley!! That was quick :) The bricks look fantastic Mel. I love the colour.

    Hope you have a great holiday you lucky thing!!

    P.S. We can keep you updated while you are away if you like! Send me your email address (u can PM me on H1 if you like) & I will send you pics of any changes!!

  2. BTW love the updated profile pic :)