Sunday, May 23, 2010

We've been framed!! :)

Hi Everyone,

Friday was a busy day at 'the block'. We had the last of our gold/ dirt removed from the neighbours land and after paying for it, we never want to speak of it again! :)

We did also received a bill for 'pump for piers' which we had no idea what that was for. Apparently only 1 in 5 houses need it and it depends if the concrete truck driver wants to get their wheels dirty! So another bill to pay, Oh well!

On a happier note, they managed to put up most of our frame on Friday! All but the garage and roof have been put up. Which is very exciting! The concerto is not on display anywhere so it was great to be in 'our house' and get a feel of the size and what it will look like. :) I have been there 3 times in 3 days! :) Can't wait for the rest of the frame to be added this week and then the bricks! Really looking forward to the bricks being added it will look more like a house! It's all very exciting.

I have a few photos to add but I will do it later. I am currently procrastinating from writing reports! :)

Cheers Mel xo

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